Review of Ultracamp Tent Camping Carpet 150 x 200cm

This is a review of the Ultracamp tent carpet and picnic blanket which has a waterproof underside and a soft top layer. It is 150 x 200cm in size and could be a great addition to your tent setup and car camping trip.


The Ultracamp Tent Camping Carpet on first impressions looks like a large picnic blanket and unfortunately that is what I feel it is better suited too unless you have a small family tent setup and an area the size of 150 x 200cm or similar where you all lounge.

It is easy to transport and is simply rolled out and rolled back up, there are handles to the carpet once rolled up to carry it to and from the car.

The carpet is made from an environmentally friendly foam material giving the carpet some padding but not a great deal at 1.5mm thick, if you are to use it in your tent as an extra layer to sleep on it would help reduce the cold element from the floor but won’t match up to using an actual air bed or mattress. Also when using to line your awning, with constant walking on it, I have noticed a few scuffs appearing already so I would question its durability and ability to last you several months of camping.

ultracamp tent carpet waterproof underside

The waterproof underside makes it excellent in terms of using directly on the floor as you do not have to worry about water seeping up through it, therefore you can see some thought has gone into it being a tent / awning carpet.  It is large in size so you would not have to worry about it not covering the area of your tent or awning floor unless you have an unusually shaped awning or living space in your tent. There are no attachments to allow you to fix it in place so it can move a little unless you place something heavy in the corners.

This camping carpet comes in one size and if you find you buy it and it doesn’t quite work for you as a tent carpet, it could come in handy as a picnic blanket, an extra layer under you when sleeping at night or even as a comfortable liner in the boot of your car.

Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof base
  • Thick layer providing comfort and warmth
  • Easy to fold up and transport in the car
  • Carry handles attached
  • Uses a environmentally safe foam material
  • Could also be used to line boot
  • Not the most hardwearing
  • Not long lasting as the rubber material underneath is soft so prone to ripping or tearing

Conclusion & where to buy

A simple and affordable tent carpet, great for short stays and for smaller tents around 200 x 200 cm living space. It has a soft top layer and is very light so easily moved around and used in other environments, a great tent carpet for practical reasons.

If you want something more hard wearing and long lasting, something that could take a week or mores worth of abuse from kids and family moving in and out of a tent, this is not the right one for you.

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