Review of Topist (Taygeer) Pet Hammock a Dog Car Seat Cover

This is a review of the Topist Pet Dog Car Seat Cover. A strong, robust car seat cover for your dog to sit in and comfortable enough for them to snooze in while you travel. It covers the car seat protecting from dog hair and debris. Read further below for more details on this car seat cover.


The Topist car seat cover is easy to attach to the front and back seat headrests using strong straps and buckles, these can be adjusted to suit different cars. If you have a lively dog there are hooks and disks that mean you can make the attachment even more secure.  The hammock style catches all sand, dirt and debris in it, allowing your car seats and foot wells to stay clean and tidy.


The material is a soft padded and quilted nylon, comfortable for a lovely nap for your dog after a nice walk.

There are velcro slits that allow to connect a dog seat belt attachment to your dog’s harness or collar. These holes were great as you could open and close them because they are made of velcro. So if you wanted to strap your dog in to the car seat belt clip, you could. Or if you wanted your dog to have free reign of the back seats whilst still protecting the seats from your dog, you could do this too.

topist dog car seat hammock cover

Best Rear Dog Car Seat Cover

We have ranked this #1 out of all of the rear dog car seat covers we have tested. Unlike others we have reviewed, it is quilted, padded and waterproof and versatile. So not only is it comfortable for your pet and dog, it is practical as well. It was a close call between this and Luv Pets X Large Cover, but this beat it out on price. Because it cost slightly less, yet did the same job, looks just as good and does everything we could need of it.

topist dog car seat cover hammock

We could even fit it in to our boot which meant it really is a versatile dog car accessory. Whether you want to put your dog in the boot or on the rear seats, it’s up to you and with one product you can swap and change as you need to. We know it’s not easy having multiple products, each doing just one thing, we often move our dog from the back seats to the boot depending on the journey length and if we need to pack anything for our adventure. With this we can get the best of both worlds, a boot mat and back seat covers.

Pros & Cons

  • Padded and quilted like a comfortable blanket
  • Catches all dog hairs, mud and debris
  • Soft material allows for dog to not slide around
  • Waterproof, perfect for your wet pooch after a splash in the river
  • Comes in a stylish black cover, we think it looks really good
  • Can be fit from the back seat headrests to the boot if its preferred you dog travels there
  • The is no strap to keep the cover attached to the side of the seats, therefore dog hairs can occasionally build up here
  • Some cars have three headrests in the back and this cover suits that of straps for two headrests

Conclusion & where to buy

Well thought out back car seat cover designed for you dog friend in mind, proving to be practical, safe and comfortable for your dog to travel in.

Taygeer Dog Car Seat Cover, Rear Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Mesh Window and Side Flaps Dog Hammock, Washable Waterproof Non slip Pet SUV Car Seat Protector Cover, Dog Car Hammock for Travel - Black

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