Review of Starling Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover & Luggage Shoulder Strap

We review and test out the Starling Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover, we wanted to try something comfortable and that felt great.


You can get these two sheepskin car seat covers in black or white. We have got the two black sheepskin seat belt cushions to protect our neck whilst driving about.

These two actually double up as luggage shoulder pads as well. Because they use velcro to hold themselve’s to the strap, they can be attached and removed in seconds. If you drive somewhere with luggage in your car, you can just remove them from the seat belt and use for your luggage strap and you’ll have a more comfortable time carrying your bags around.

sheepskin car seat belt pad cushion


We tested it in our car for a week and they are really solid little things, well made and were very comfortable, which is very important to us, as that is what they were made for.

We have tested in winter but we are looking forward to using them through summer too. We believe they’ll be very comfortable with just a t-shirt on and fully protect your neck from any discomfort which usually happens when it gets warm and the seat belt can rub against your neck.

sheepskin car seat belt cushion


As you can see, it has quite a thick comfortable sheepskin surround and on the inside has velcro which connects the cushion to itself when you wrap it.

It is a luxury looking and feeling seat belt cushion that would be great in many seasons, whilst driving.

Pros & Cons

  • You can order 1, or as a pair for both front seats of your car
  • Comes in black or white sheepskin, whichever you prefer
  • Looks like a luxury item
  • Feels very comfortable
  • Can be used as both seat belt pad and also luggage strap pad for more comfort whilst carrying your bags
  • This item is not washable, you can only dry clean it
  • Not the cheapest out of the ones we have tested

Conclusion & where to buy

A great luxury seat belt pad which is made of sheepskin. It feels really nice on my neck and chest whilst driving around. We really enjoyed testing and reviewing these, probably the most comfortable we had used in our few weeks of trying to find the best car seat belt pad.

Starling Auto Genuine Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover and Luggage Shoulder Pad (Black - Pair)


32 x 18.2 x 3.6 cm


Martin Shaw
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