Review of Cuxus Inflatable Travel Pillow

This is a review of the Cuxus Inflatable Travel Pillow, a bizarre looking but very practical travel pillow.


The Cuxus inflatable travel pillow is quite unusual to look at, at first impressions you can already tell there is a little more to this than a simple cushion.

The pillow is easy to carry as it can be deflated down to a very compact size at 10 by 15 cm in size that goes neatly into a small carry pouch. With this being one of the largest travel pillows on the market it is a pleasant surprise that it can fold down so small.

It takes several breathes to inflate the pillow using the inflator valve, this is quick and very easy to do. Once inflated it provides an excellent large sized cushion to be placed on to your lap. It is designed to give you more support in comparison to a standard travel pillow. There are arm holes at either side and a hole to place your face (similar experience to putting your face down in a massage table). The pillow allows your to essentially hug the pillow and feel supported without your head falling or putting strain on your neck and back.

Cuxus Inflatable Travel Pillow

The material is made from an environmentally friendly PVC flocking, there is a padded cushion to the base of the pillow this is very comfortable and holds your weight well without putting to much pressure on your legs. The material is comfortable and gentle on the skin, it is not at all plush so do not expect it to be super soft or fluffy,

As a passenger in the car especially on the back seat I find myself falling asleep quite easily but always feeling very uncomfortable afterwards due to scrunching my head against the window or my head bopping around. The Cuxus pillow really does give you somewhere sturdy to lie your head when you are sat upright. It isn’t the right cushion for when you have the option to lie down in the back seat or camping lying down but it could be used for anywhere else you may find yourself sat up such as when flying or other forms of public transport.

For me, this is when it comes in to it’s own and I can see why it is reviewed so highly elsewhere online. You can use it as a passenger when in a car, in any seat, use it on a plane, bus, train journey or other form of transport. I am 6’1″ tall and struggle to get comfortable in a car or on a long flight. Because of my height and being a tall person my head flops around when sat up right and I can’t get my head down on to a plane table with my arms under my head. This sleeping aid and travel pillow fixes these problems as it keeps my head from coming all the way down to the table infront of me and lets my arms rest inside of the space as well.


Pros & Cons

  • Packs away very small
  • Full body head support
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Available for next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Especially good for taller people who struggle to get comfortable on a car journey or flight
  • Not the softest material
  • The seems can be felt
  • The material is a little thin
  • Only useful for when trying to sleep in an upwards position
  • Cannot be used by the driver

Conclusion & where to buy

The Cuxus travel pillow is a fantastic and very useful cushion for when you really are stuck in the upright position and have no comfortable way of resting your head.

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