Review of Childrens Cuddly Seat Belt Pet Cushion

This is a review of the Pricep Seat Belt Pet Buddies Cushion, we look at the design and its suitability for children & passengers in your car.


Made from a soft polyester the seat belt buddies are quite large in size in comparison to other seat belt covers available. They come in 6 different animal designs with a cute cheeky smile design.

Below are the different seat belt pets, there is the seat belt dog, seat belt cat, seat belt ladybug, seat belt lion and the seat belt monkey.

Pricep Seat Belt BuddiesSeat Belt Buddies

To attach to seat belt you need to undo the two velcro fastenings on the back and then simply wrap them around the seat belt and fasten it. The velcro appears strong. Its large appearance makes it also ideal for a comfortable pillow, ideal for children to take a travel nap while in the car.

Seat Belt BuddiesSeat Belt Buddies

I would not recommend for small children due to its size. However for older children it is ideal, on the front there are two small square pockets for putting headphones/mp3 in and in the side pocket is quite a large space for a console such as nintendo or other favourite toys.

Seat Belt Buddies


We know they are for children but we just had to test them out as well and we’re glad we did. Our heads rested  naturally, we have neck pillows but we actually preferred these cool little seat belt cushions, they’re not just for children! They are very comfortable, cuddly and soft on your face.

If a child were to use one in their small seats they might have to remove it to be able to play on tablet or handheld device as it might get in the way.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of a soft material
  • Comes in 6 cute character designs
  • Large in size compared to other seat belt covers available
  • Provides a comfortable pillow to sleep on
  • Great for children
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Not recommended for small children

Conclusion & where to buy

The Seat Pets Seat Belt Cover is a fun design for children, with plenty of pockets and a large pillow to send children passengers of your car off to sleep.

A 23 cm × 50 cm Child car seat Belts Child seat Belt Cushion Covers, Pillow Adjust The car seat Belt Shoulder pad pet Toy Baby Child (DinoGreen)


72cm x 29cm x 10cm



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