Review of 250 x 300cm OLPro Tent Awning Carpet

This is a review of a hard wearing tent and awning carpet by Olpro. This tent carpet comes in a range of different sizes, we look at the 250 x 300cm but they range from the samller size tent carpets 250 x 250cm all the way to 250 x 650 cm (2 x 6.5m) in size.


The OLPro OLTex Tent Awning Carpet on first glance, looks comfortable and has a nice weave pattern to it. It is very lightweight and packs away easily, we used the 2.5 x3 m (250 x 300cm) carpet and this managed to simply fit under the passenger seat in the car.

Depending on the measurements of your tent or awning that you need it for will mean which size you are going to need, luckily there are 9 different size options to help match it quite accurately to your tents floorspace. When the carpet is laid out flat it feels slightly plasticy underfoot rather than a soft weave. This though will help with longevity and making it more hard wearing.  It still however gives the appearance of a lovely carpet which is a positive. If you want something like this for the entrance to your tent then this will be perfect as the foot fall on top will be handled easily by it.

olpro tent awning carpet

To each corner of the carpet there is a metal eyelet to be able to fix the carpet down which is great, our carpet was not the largest size they do but if you went for the larger size I would imagine you might need to find a way to fix some of the sides down so that it doesn’t slide around on top of the tents bathtub flooring. A good idea would be to use elastic or some straps which connect to the corners of your tent and if your poles fix inside this should work together well with that setup. Or you can just place a couple of heavy items on each corner as well.

With muddy boots and walking in and out on top of this, I would congratulate this carpet on being very hard wearing, no scuffs or permanent marks were left and easy to clean after your camping trip.

Unlike others we have tested, it is not waterproof and we did make the silly mistake of using this directly on grass at first and it was wet through, so I would advise using a ground sheet underneath for such uses as it is not waterproof. if you are using this solely inside the tent and it has no issues with water coming up through the bottom then it should be more than adequate.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong robust material
  • Easy to fold away
  • Flame retardant and UV resistant
  • Nice pattern
  • Hard wearing
  • Eyelets to hold it down
  • Next day delivery
  • Not waterproof
  • Thin material
  • Plastic feeling rather than a soft material

Conclusion & where to buy

The OLpro OLTex carpet is hard wearing and has a nice homely pattern just do not expect a thick house carpet feel and use a ground sheet underneath if using directly on the ground outside.

UKB4C Breathable & Weatherproof Caravan Awning Carpet Weaveatex Motorhome Tent Groundsheet Matting Blue/Grey

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